Courtney Love May Redeem Behind The Music

If you’ve caught the revamped Behind The Music series, you know Lil Wayne’s episode was a quote factory. The clip below of quotables from Courtney Love’s interviews hints that her show may top his. Love’s episode of VH1’s Behind The Music airs June 21 at 8:30pm EST, but they’ve been rolling out sneak previews on VH1’s website. Some of the best Love so far:

I look at audiences, and I like what I see. So when I say “Fuck you” I say it in a loving manner. And they say “Fuck you” right back.

My goal for Hole was stupid. I said, “This band is going to be ten times bigger than Sonic Youth, but not as big as Jane’s Addiction.” What was the “but” for? It’s like a fucking curse. That’s so stupid. The gods were listening when I said that. I could have said “This band’s going to be ten times bigger than Sonic Youth and the Beatles, and that’s where we’d be right now!”

So I said in Spin that … don’t call your band Nine Inch Nails if you have a three-inch one. My band’s called Hole. It’s not called Little Hole, it’s not called Big Hole, it’s not called Flopping Noni, it’s not called Tiny Rosebud, it’s not called Barbie pussy. It’s called Hole, okay?

Here’s the full clip: