Eels – “Looking Up”

“Looking Up” appears toward the close of Eels forthcoming Tomorrow Morning. The 14-song collection completes the trilogy that began with Hombre Lobo and End Times. As far as “Looking Up,” the track’s a soulful hand-clapper worthy it and the album’s dawn-of-a-new-day name.

Eels – “Looking Up”

The pep talk:

01 “In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day”
02 “I’m A Hummingbird”
03 “The Morning”
04 “Baby Loves Me”
05 “Spectacular Girl”
06 “What I Have to Offer”
07 “This Is Where It Gets Good”
08 “After The Earthquake”
09. “Oh So Lovely”
10 “The Man”
11 “Looking Up”
12 “That’s Not Her Way”
13 “I Like the Way This Is Going”
14 “Mystery Of Life”

Tomorrow Morning is out 8/24 via E Works. They also hit the road in August. More info at

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