Got $155,000?

Well kids, if you have a spare trust fund laying around and have a “thing” for Velvet Underground records, there’s only 11 hours left before the year’s most absurd acetate auction closes. For sale is a ultra-fucking-rare copy of “the lost Scepter studios recordings,” a 1966 studio effort that was the first “finished” pass at what Warhol gave to Columbia to get ‘em signed. You’re obviously curious to hear it … but $155K curious?

Head to eBay to get those bids in! At last check, the price had stalled at a reasonable $155,001.00. So there’s hope for you yet.

The guy who stumbled upon this record, Montreal’s Warren Hill (who happens to be Sunset Rubdown’s roadie), bought the record for 75¢ at a sidewalk sale in Chelsea. Look at him now! Maybe now he can tell Krug to “Rubdown himself, for a change.” 75¢ for a record? Totally understandable. $155K? C’mon, kids. That’s insane!

What’s the most you’ve spent on vinyl? If it’s more than $100,000, you have issues. And we’d also like to be your friend (tips at stereogum dot com). Well, check back here later tonight; we’ll update the post and personally congratulate the highest bidder in a way we see fit. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to eBay bidder mechadaddy, the proud owner of some rare VU vinyl at the bargain basement price of $155,401.00! Here’s hoping the sound quaity is better than the MP3s that of the Scepter studio sessions that are floating around.