The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Say No To Love” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Kip Berman can bowl, sure, but he’s best known for crooning the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s dreamy “life affirming” pop songs. When we wrote about “Higher Than The Stars,” I mentioned a forthcoming “Say No To Love”/“Lost Saint” single. It’s out. This is its playful Mixtape Club-directed video. In the clip, Peggy misses the band’s indoor/outdoor jam session because she’s too busy eating things, driving with her head and hands out the window, harassing a dog, munching nachos, checking out “Boobies Make Me Smile” t-shirts, and doing generally carefree things. Throughout, animations transforms a kid at a public fountain into an angel, give a pigeon the gift of laser eyes, transport the Loch Ness Monster to a smaller body of water, etc. Just your average sunny twee-pop afternoon.

The “Say No To Love” single is out via Slumberland. Listen again:

And don’t forget about their Lit cover.