New Spank Rock – “Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge”

Need more reason than YoYoYoYoYo and amazing live shows to dig on Spank Rock? How about a song about Lindsay and her … well, we’ll let Pase Rock’s lyrics tell it:

Why you showin’ them coochie lips gettin’ up out your car?
Paparazzi hangin’ all around you, bit–
You know you’re a superstar

Put your panties on
Put your pussy away

Naeem’s not doing the rhyming, but he spits, oh, one line or so a minute in — and that’s some Spank Rocky B-more production alright. (Thanks, coop!)

Pase Rock (w/ Spank Rock and Santogold) – “Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge” (MP3)

It’s like the theme song to our deepest wishes! Someone had to say it. There’s no reason for you not to have this track, but just in case:

Spank Rock – “Rick Rubin” (MP3)

Spank Rock, we love you.