CSS Are Common People Like You

The Pulp fans in us live on and on, and with Jarvis, Mr. Cocker gave us all more to love, opening with the swagger of “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time” and “Black Magic” before exploring the Sheffield singer’s softer, darker side on songs like “I Will Kill Again” — and bringing out his inner testifying-punk on “Fat Children.” And when electro-clashy Brazilian fun-lovers CSS hit London’s Forum on 12/8, who better to call for a cameo than the reemerged man in specs? This from MTV UK:

For their encore, they were joined on stage by Jarvis Cocker for a rendition of their track “Alcohol.” Introducing him on stage, gorgeous lead singer Lovefoxx said ?Sometimes we call him a friend, sometimes we call him a lover, tonight let’s just call him Jarvis!?

(Pic via Flickr)

Decent audio from a bird’s eye view here, or head here for some tight, pixelated face shots. The NYT says that “Mr. Cocker seems unusually well equipped to deal with the prospect of obsolescence”; maybe true, but he doesn’t have to worry about that for awhile.