Stephen & The Colberts Video – “Charlene”

Here’s a vintage clip from Colbert’s past life as part of the “noted 1980s new wave sensation Stephen & The Colberts,” unearthed during the news anchor’s response to The Decemberists counter challenge to Colbert’s initial gauntlet slap. The Decemberists will be on the show 12/20 to settle the green screen showdown once and for all, with Colbert generously giving Colin and co “homefield advantage by holding the contest in December.” No word on whether we’ll see clips from Colbert’s Flying-V metal outfit, Symphonies Of The Infernal, during that taping — but if so, it’s bound to have even more whammy bar to deal with!

UPDATE: Head here for the full “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)” video, which comes from the album The Charlene Collection: Vol 1. (Thanks, Pandyora!)

UPDATE #2: You guys are good. For your PMP! (Thanks, doggie!)
Stephen Colbert & The Colberts – “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)” (MP3)