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If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably had Little Earthquakes. You were impressionable, you had “feelings,” and along came Amos. Hers was a healthy dose of the naked angst of those grunge years, but with a new angle: Tori’s intimate, personal poetry was set to music that fused her classical chops to proggy piano pop; the sound of Earthquakes and Under The Pink was fresh — and Tori became the template for a legion of Lilith Fair wannabes.

Those were her groundbreaking, career-launching records, but she didn’t stop there — and to celebrate her busy career, Tori recently released A Piano: The Collection: an 86-song, five-disc box set full of songs from her studio releases; B-sides; the originals that debuted on her best-of Tales Of A Librarian; unreleased demos and alternate mixes; and Tori’s written commentary on each song. The discs follow her career chronologically, with Disc One being a re-sequenced Little Earthquakes, with new mixes and B-sides, and on from there. Full info here. Best part: The box looks like a piano!

We have one of these packages to give away, and entering shouldn’t be too difficult for you Amos fans. All you gotta do is post a comment telling us your favorite Tori tune, and we’ll pick a winner at random on Monday 12/18 at 6PM EST. If you need some help remembering songs, the tracklist for the box set is after the jump. And if you don’t wind up winning the box set and need it in a hurry, the entire collection is available digitally via Urge and iTunes on 12/19. You won’t get the piano box, but you will get the tracks with a quickness. Good luck!

Disc 1
01. “Leather” (Alternate Mix)
02. “Precious Things” (Alternate Mix)
03. “Silent All These Years”
04. “Upside Down”
05. “Crucify” (Unedited Single Version)*
06. “Happy Phantom”
07. “Me And A Gun”
08. “Flying Dutchman” (Alternate Mix)
09. “Girl”
10. “Winter”
11. “Take To The Sky (Russia)”
12. “Tear In Your Hand”
13. “China”
14. “Sweet Dreams”
15. “Mother” (Alternate Mix)
16. “Little Earthquakes”

Disc 2
01. “Cornflake Girl”
02. “Honey”
03. “Take Me With You”*
04. “Baker Baker” (Alternate Mix)
05. “The Waitress” (Alternate Mix)
06. “Pretty Good Year”
07. “God”
08. “Cloud On My Tongue”
09. “Past The Mission” (Alternate Mix)
10. “Bells For Her”
11. “Yes, Anastasia” (Alternate Mix)
12. “Blood Roses”
13. “Mr. Zebra”
14. “Caught A Lite Sneeze” (Alternate Mix)
15. “Professional Widow” (Merry Widow Version – Live)
16. “Beauty Queen/Horses”
17. “Father Lucifer”
18. “Marianne”

Disc 3
01. “Walk To Dublin” (Sucker Reprise)*
02. “Hey Jupiter” (Dakota Version)
03. “Professional Widow” (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix)
04. “Putting The Damage On”
05. “Bliss” (Remixed Version)
06. “Suede”
07. “Glory Of The 80’s”
08. “1000 Oceans”
09. “Concertina” (Single Remix Version)
10. “Lust”
11. “Datura”
12. “Sugar” (Live from sound check)
13. “The Waitress” (Live)
14. “Snow Cherries From France”
15. “Doughnut Song” (Remixed Version)

Disc 4
01. “A Sorta Fairytale”
02. “Not David Bowie”*
03. “Amber Waves”
04. “Iieee” (Remixed Version)
05. “Playboy Mommy” (Remixed Version)
06. “The Beekeeper”
07. “Jackie’s Strength”
08. “Zero Point”*
09. “Sweet The Sting”
10. “Ode To My Clothes”*
11. “Spark”
12. “Intro Jam”* and “Marys Of The Sea”
13. “Cruel” (Remixed Version)
14. “Dolphin Song”*
15. “Gold Dust”

Disc 5
01.”The Pool”
02. “Never Seen Blue”
03. “Daisy Dead Petals”
04. “Beulah Land”
05. “Sugar”
06. “Cooling”
07. “Bachelorette”
08. “Black Swan”
09. “Mary” (Tales Version)
10. “Peeping Tommi”*
11. “Toodles Mr. Jim” Demo Medley:
12. “Fire-Eater’s Wife/Beauty Queen” (Demo)*
13. “Playboy Mommy” (Demo)*
14. “A Sorta Fairytale” (Demo)*
15. “This Old Man”
16. “Purple People”
17. “Here. In My Head”
18. “Hungarian Wedding Song”
19. “Merman”
20. “Sister Janet”
21. “Home On The Range” (Cherokee Edition)
22. “Frog On My Toe”

*Previously Unreleased

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