Karen (Dem)O

Reader Mark piques our interest with this query:

Hey– there was a 16-track album floating around last night of a lot of Karen O’s home recordings. You guys hear anything or manage to snag it? It got pulled off before I had a chance to grab it… Thx m

Here’s what we’ve got for ya, Mark: The tracks that were circulating last night come from a home demo Karen put to CD-R (labeled KO At Home), unearthed in TVOTR guitarist Dave Sitek’s Brooklyn apartment. It even came with a cover!

The Oscar Wilde quoting inscription:

And all the woe that moved so that he gave that Bitter cry
And the Wild regrets and Bloody sweats none knew so well as I,
For He who lives more lives than one,
more Deaths that one must Die,
Oscar Wilde
We’re in it For the Long Haul Kid, we feel, cuz we’re Real
All The love + safe travels + goodluck

The long haul indeed. So Mark, Dreams Of Horses could hook you up (Don’t Need Anything, too). From what we’ve heard, it’s just Ms. O and her guitar — and while the audio is purty good, the songs are bare boned. Still, it’s Karen, so obviously worth a listen. Anyone have any more info on the tunes — or where to find ‘em? We’d be much O-bliged (heh).