New Editors – “Camera” (Rubber Bullets Remix)

If you were at Mercury Lounge during Editors instant-classic first NYC gig, it’s all you could talk about for a few weeks. And then you retreated to your copy of The Back Room and wondered … is this the same band? Yes, the Brit post-punkers wrote some great songs and are phenomenal live, but the lads lost something in the studio. So we’re all for the idea of having some adepts take a pass at remixing choice cuts from the record; nothing breathes life into material like a good mix. (And nothing is worse than a bad one!)

So in keeping with the remix posting theme Thom gave us yesterday, here’s the premiere of a remix by Rubber Bullets, aka DJ Dave Nada and Ris Richards, from the Baltimore/DC area. Take that dirty B-more production and re-sequence the bridge and hook vocal lines, and you have this dance floor take on a melodramatic arena rocker.

Editors – “Camera” (Rubber Bullets Remix) (MP3)

The track is part of a larger Editors remix project, yielding the 4-song, cleverly-titled Remixed (iTunes), including takes from Sebastian, Ghislain Porier, P Nice and Prince Language. The Rubber Bullets track is non-EP bonus to you, though — as is this Phones remix that went around last week. In case you missed it:

Editors – “All Sparks” (Phones Remix) (MP3)