Karen Talks Demo

Between the apologies and the accusations, Karen O’s demo leak became a certifiable shit storm, and the illustrious Ms. O has acknowledged that, sometimes, that “happens.” She offered her thoughts on the situation in this post to the YYYs message board (Thanks, Roman!):

Re: Message From Karen : Leaked Demos, weird me out to the max.

Good grief, can’t say I don’t feel a little grossed out by someone taking a liberty with music that was mine and Dave’s. Shit happens nonetheless. All I can do at this point is offer up a recommendation… if you happen to get your mits on one of those old demos floating around MY personal favorites and the ONLY ONES I would have released for anyone to enjoy is “Pumpkin” and “Snakes and Worms”. The rest I probably would have pitched or buried for while longer. No use bitching about something that’s out
of my control.

Chin up,

So mature! LA really has cooled her out. Well those of you that have your mits on those old demos, now you know Karen’s picks. Meanwhile, nothing says “you’ve made it, kid” like having your toss-off recordings inspire frantic, internet-trolling missions. And they said Show Your Bones was a disappointment.