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Band To Watch: Yo Majesty

Three lovely ladies from Tampa collaborated with London-based punk-funk producers HardFeelingsUK and put a banging EP of party hip-hop, mixing old-school flow and real-deal singing with booty-shaking beats, and it’s our current get-up-and-go-out soundtrack. “Fuck that shit” is as much as we can memorize on our favorite cut “Club Action,” but we’re alright with that. Your DJ nights need this track:

Yo Majesty – “Club Action” (MP3)

Here are two more from Yo EP:

Yo Majesty – “Monkey” (MP3)
Yo Majesty – “Kryptonite Pussy” (MP3)

If you wanna see ‘em in action, check the vid for “Club Action” and “Hustle Mode”. No label for the ladies yet, and they’re hard at work on a full-length of party-starters. Should be a fun one in ’07!


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