Stop The Ticket Scammers!

Ticketbastard is always thinking up cool, new methods to stop scalpers from cramping their profit-minded ways. First, it was the introduction of on-site auctions in an attempt to undercut eBay,, and the endlessly amusing Craigslist market. But their latest step is less transparent in its protection of the TM bottom line. Hey, you could say they’re even trying to help!

Stop The Scammers is their new, anti ticket-fraud site, allowing hard-luck, fake-ticket purchasers to report their incidents, get info on consumer protection agencies, and get tips on how to avoid being defrauded ever again. (“See? Just buy ‘em from us! Serves you right.”)

We know you guys have some hilarious scammer stories. What’s your best? Ever pay $300 for a Radiohead ticket? Ever pay $300 for a fake one? Or have YOU ever been a perpetrator of ticket fraud? (Bad reader!) We wanna hear those tall tales. Best story gets top-secret info on the best concert ticket generator around! Maybe it’ll help you avoid spending $300 on an Arcade Fire-in-Montreal ticket.

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