New Zooey Deschanel’s Fictional Synth Pop Band Video – “Sweet Ballad”

Didn’t get enough of Gummy Award winning actress Zooey Deschanel’s fake synth pop project from the forthcoming major motion picture Yes Man? That is sad, but also, fine — now you can watch Zooey Deschanel’s fake synth pop band’s fake synth pop video. The song is “Sweet Ballad,” a pouty little number about being sick of you calling Z up for sex after 11PM, so stop doing that Jim Carrey. At Deschanel’s side in matching attire is the rest of Munchausen By Proxy (the name of this band), played by San Fran trio Von Iva. They play the synths and yell “whore no more,” which is the rhyme of the day. Enjoy.

Yes Man gets its theatrical release on 12/19. The film’s OST is out now via Lakeshore, including four Munchausen By Proxy songs and a new tune from Eels titled “Man Up.” E composed the film score with Lyle Workman. Thing is, I too am sick of being a late night booty call so this is my jam. Whore no more, y’all.

Also, Jim Carrey is super annoying: