Ono He Didn’t!

Tough weekend for Yoko. On the 26th anniversary of John’s death, Ms. Ono’s driver of six years, Koral Karsan, launched a plot to extort from her over a million quid (via NME:

He is believed to have sent a letter with a photograph of Ono in her nightclothes, saying that he would release further photos and audio tapes of private conversations with him in the public domain unless she paid him $2m (£1.02m).

Her chauffeur also allegedly talked about killing the late Beatle’s widow and her son Sean in a conversation which was recorded by investigators.

Karsan has denied the claims and while being led into a New York police station he said: “No. No way.”

Although we would actually pay that amount to avoid seeing nightclothes-pics of Yoko, that shit is cold — particularly coming from someone you spend time with on a daily basis for six years, particularly coming on the anniversary of your husband’s death. The only thing that could make the story worse as if he threatened to kill her, which of course he did. Her and Sean, in fact. Wouldn’t expect any Christmas gifts, Koral. Yokos don’t forgive.