Reminisce With Oh My Rockness

Here are a few choice selections from the list of what rocked Oh My Rockness this year. They’re representing with a group of Stereo-faves and perfectly articulate those tough-to-pinpoint things that make us love these bands so.

Best Rock Band Full of a Bunch of Married People – The Big Sleep

It was a very tough call, but this hard-hitting trio narrowly edges The Captain & Tenille for this prestigious honor. Love doesn’t hurt, it slays!

Best Use of Distortion Pedal – – Goes Cube

Sometimes we wish we had a distortion pedal for life. Like when our landlord yells at us for not rinsing our beer bottles thoroughly enough. Instead of getting mad at the guy, we could just do a Goes Cube stomp on the floor and our apartment would suddenly be flooded with fuzzy angst. That would show him, alright.

Best Band Born After Corey Haim’s Career Went Kaput – – Tokyo Police Club

These Canadian youngsters are barely old enough to drive, let alone been born in time to see the release of “Licensed to Drive.” Unfortunately this means that their sound isn’t influenced one bit by the brilliance of Billy Ocean’s soundtrack. “Get out of my dreams, get into my car.” See, that’s what we’re talking about when we talk about nostalgia. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Best Band That Everyone Forgets This Time Of Year Because Their Album Came Out In Like January – – Band of Horses

Think of them as the musical equivalent of Vin Diesel’s wonderfully overlooked gem, “The Pacifier.” If that movie came out in November or December, instead of February of last year, you just know it would have swept the major awards at the 2006 Oscars. But no, out of sight out of mind. Band of Horses is like that, only their music isn’t about a highly-trained officer who meets his toughest challenge yet when he has to baby-sit.

Best Band To Use “S” Alliteration With When Describing — Serena Maneesh

Serena Maneesh sing swirling shoegaze songs with stunning psychic sonic swells. Sy Sloody Salentine’s Shields surely shall love this!

The Big Sleep are married?! Well that’s cute — and seeing as they’re two dudes and one lady, so very anti-Mormon of them. Read the full list here.