Map Your Way To New Music

Coolfer points us to EMI and’s new experiment in music discovery: map making! They’re calling their new system “tuneglue-audiomap,” and here’s how it works: Head here, type in an artist, and click the circle that pops up representing that band. When you expand, tuneglue will generate a visual web of similar-sounding artists. Of course, EMI artists will stick out on the otherwise two-toned map with lots or pretty rainbow colors in place of the drab black node.

Interesting idea, but not so useful yet. (Aren’t all the kids hearing about cool bands from Zune squriting, anyway?) But there are at least two fun aspects of tunelage. For one, type in “Sound Team” — and get Marc Hogan’s nightmare playlist!

Or try typing in Nirvana. Expand … and the map is almost as depressing as “Pennyroyal Tea.” That weirds us out to the max. Now you go. Have fun!