Last Day To Indie Rock The Vote!

You guys have been stuffing the ballot boxes in record numbers, but we wanted to remind you of your civic duty to cast your vote in the 17th Annual Gummy Awards! Album of the year? Best blog? Ryan Adams’s suggested ’07 output? Tell us! You may wonder why this is important. If so, you just don’t get it, do you. This is our chance to prove to those moronic year-end list-makers that Stereogum readers have the good taste to back their snark. And that we know how to spot an indie hottie when we see one.

And this is truly democratic; no appointed council of “wise elders” telling you what you like. We implement more rigorous ballot-counting standards than most Gulf Coast states, and we can assure you that while you’re out having fun and buying presents this weekend, we’ll be pouring over your votes for Overhyped act of the year (the nation needs to know!). Of course, one lucky voter will receive a copy of each of the Top 25 albums of the year — but you’re in it for the freedom of expression, anyway. Poll closes today at 9PM EST. Get yer vote on.