The Appleseed Cast – “Raise The Sails”

In February, longtime California-to-Kansas post-rockers the Appleseed Cast will release their seventh studio album Sagarmatha, the first since 2006’s Peregrine. We’re told “Sagarmatha” is Nepalese for Mount Everest, which makes sense, considering the epic constructions of their songs. Take for example this week’s Drop, “Raise The Sails.” We asked singer/guitarist Christopher Crisci about its sailing themes.

What inspired “Raise The Sails”?
A post-apocalyptic story of some sort. We never really defined it completely, but zombies were involved and so was sailing.

What is it about sailing and “indie rock” — from Slint to June of 44 and Pinback to the Decemberists, etc. You guys are in a land-locked state, but the instinct/impulse is still there. Curious about the romanticism of the high seas.
It’s true that for the last 10 years I have been a Kansan, but previous to that I was a San Diegan and a Los Angelian. I grew up sailing with my family. Aside from that, there are lakes here in Kansas that offer sailing, but so far I’ve passed. Having been spoiled by open water, the attraction is diminished. It’s a little sad sailing in such tight circles.

As for indie rock subject matter … we’re sensitive dreamers. The ocean offers us a dynamic and all encompassing imagery of life, death, love and the personal survival challenges of a post human afterworld. It’s deep … and we’re deep people.


Sagarmatha is out 2/17 via The Militia Group. A little before that, they head out on a US headlining tour. You can get the dates at their MySpace.