The Good, The Bad, And The Ice-T

We were really amused by Pitchfork’s list for the year’s Worst Album Covers; great picks, pithy quips! Apparently they Forkers are just as awed by Gangsta Rap as we were, but they were more observant than us. Here are a few that tickled us silly:

Ice T – Gangsta Rap
Haha, look at those shitty sidetables!

Richard Butler – Richard Butler
This album was dedicated to Butler’s late father, George, who luckily died before he had to see this.

Robin Thicke: The Evolution of…
The Evolution of Robin Thicke is a terrible title because it begins, by definition, in Alan Thicke’s loins.

Rod Stewart: Still the Same… Great Rock Classics of Our Time
Between Britney, Paris, Lindsay, and Rod, 2006 could go down as the greatest year for bad crotch-shots in world history. Let’s never look back.

You can read the rest of the list at Pitchfork, but we were thinking that this year wasn’t ALL bad for covers, was it? The force may no longer be with Beirut, but Gulag Orkestar’s dusty yellow album cover manages to say New Mexico, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Balkan folk all at once, don’t it?

And the Tokyo-tinged shoegaze of Asobi Seksu’s Citrus was a winner this year, but tell us you didn’t just think of stuffing your face full of candy every time you looked at the album’s delicious, Starburst-orange packaging. And how awesome is candy? We rest our case.

So what else ranks on your Best/Worst list? Post your picks in the comments. (Don’t use html, but you can add InSound, eMusic, or Amazon URLs for all to see.) Unfortunately for Beck, The Information is disqualified from consideration under prevailing British Chart rules on album covers — but we have faith you have some more up your sleeves.