New Radiohead – “Videotape” & “Down Is The New Up”

Nigel Godrich’s new show From The Basement is up and running, and the first episode is finally available for download. The show sees Godrich assemble some of the “finest musicians in the planet” to do some live videotaping in London’s Maida Vale studios (sound courtesy of Nigel) and then turn a few quid selling the video clips to the adoring masses. The first episode featured The White Stripes and Four Tet with Steve Reid but also NEW RADIOHEAD SONGS, so that’s sorta where our head’s at.

Thom sat at the piano for solo takes on tour staple “Videotape” and “Down Is The New Up” for Nigel, the former being a bittersweet piano ballad, name-checking Mephistopheles (like ya do) and tingling your spine just so. But between you and us, save your two bucks on “Down Is The New Up”; we’re couldn’t help but feel Jonny and the boys were needed to give this one life.

Windows Media Player people can preview or purchase the clips here; Mac people, we’re forced to buy at iTunes.