New RJD2 – “Beyond The Beyond”

Ramble John’s back, and on next year’s The Third Hand, the man behind Stereogum’s favorite album in ’04 is kicking the samples to the curb and going the self-recorded, live instrumentation route. But that’s not the only switch for RJ; he’s moved from Def Jux to XL, and he’s making a pop record this time, setting the rap aside, and punctuating that premise with a little blue-eyed soul, a little folk, and a lot of up-front vox.

You probably got a taste of “You Never Had It So Good,” the first track from the Hand, on RJ’s MySpace (where you can also hear “Get Up”); now hear the man’s voice riding a down-tempo, head-rocking beat on this, the next cut from the album.

RJD2 – “Beyond The Beyond” (MP3)

The Third Hand is out 3/6/07 on XL. Get psyched.

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