New Norah Jones – “Thinking About You”

Are we ever gonna mention NoJo without thinking to her turn as El Mad Mo? Nope, never. The sleazy-superhero, fishnets-and-platinum-blonde look has left an indelible impression on our Gummy minds. That night also has us secretly wishing that some day Norah will blossom into an awesome act: that she’ll cater more to that “hey I wanna be in a punk band or collab with Ryan Adams” impulse, that she’ll use that voice for good and stop turning out tunes that put us to sleep.

Well here’s your chance, Norah! Let’s hear it.

Stream it: QT | Real | WMA

Well maybe someday she’ll stop being afraid to cut through the soft, and start kicking some ass. But for now, and for old times sake:


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