Remix Voxtrot

Austin’s Moz-loving indie-poppers had a banner year, largely on the strength of their Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives EP — and particularly on the awesomeness of the collection’s title track. And now you can bastardize the song any way you see fit! Head to Buffet Libre for the Spanish site’s Proyecto Batidora remix project, where you can download isolated audio for each instrumental and vocal from the track. Then splice and mix to heart’s content! Buffet Libre’s also offering the separated parts for more than twenty other tracks from acts like Spinto Band and Norwegian “New Rave”rs Shitdisco. And before you start your Voxtrot remix, make sure you have the original:

Voxtrot – Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives” (MP3)

If any of you actually get around to tinkering with the tune, let us hear what you come up with. And while we’re talking Voxtrot, you guys should grab this track from the band’s most recent EP Your Biggest Fan. It’s a keeper:

Voxtrot – “Trouble” (MP3)

And this stand-out from their debut which was also … yes … an EP.

Voxtrot – “The Start Of Something” (MP3)

EPs are cute, but what do we have to do get a full album, Ramesh?

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