Brett Anderson Covers Christina Aguilera

With Suede done and The Tears taking a “break,” what’s an Anderson to do? Apparently, he’s to take time at the piano and belt Xtina songs! Brett walks on and off camera with nary a smile; we’re thinking he’s taken Linda Perry’s “sticks and stones” poetry to heart. Stay strong, Brett.

Just a few more months ’til his solo record is out; maybe it’ll be back to his Gibb n’ Glitter days of Suede, maybe it’ll be an album of Xtina covers. He told NME:

It’s quite orchestrated, lots of string lutes, that sort of thing. I guess there’s a Scott Walker feel to it. I’m very proud of it; it’s a very exciting record for me.

And the record’s name? Brett Anderson. And why?

Because that’s my name, you see.

Oh you cheeky bastard. You got us!