Wolfgang’s Vault Still Open

Earlier this week, the word came down that the days of our free-streaming from Bill Graham’s treasure-trove archives of legendary rock shows may be numbered, as the inevitable lawsuit had been filed. Reuters reported:

On Monday, major rock names including Grateful Dead Productions, Carlos Santana and members of Led Zeppelin and The Doors, sued the current owner, claiming it was illegally offering recordings to stimulate sales of other products.

The suit was filed at the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California against William Sagan, who bought the assets of Graham for $5 million from Clear Channel Entertainment more than three years ago.

“Sagan simply doesn’t have the legal rights to exploit and profit from the extraordinary success of these musicians,” Jeff Reeves, who represents the artists, said in a statement.

But all that legalese hasn’t stopped the Vault from posting new shows. This week: Elvin Bishsop! Well, and some others, too (like Stevie in ’73 and James Taylor in ’71). And whether they’re in the wrong or not, using these concerts to essentially promote their posters and retro fashions …. they are some pretty cool t-shirts! Good for last minute gift-giving, but best to get ‘em before grinchy Johnny Law takes our sunshine away via temporary injunction.