Baths – “Hall (The One AM Radio Remix Feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)”

Cerulean is the forthcoming LP from a 21-year-old Los Angeles local named Will Wiesenfeld. Dude goes by the name Baths these days, after spending some time as Post-Foetus, and his post-Foetus material’s made for a remarkable album I’ve been spinning a bunch these past few days. The primary m.o. is a chopped, scuffed, and glitched beat pastiche, intercut with emotional, occasionally helium-huffed vocals (think Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos if he was weaned on the Warp catalog, or DNTEL, or citymate Flying Lotus). Baths puts structure and ear-warming melodies amidst his ambient and forward-thinking beat music — these are real songs first, production experiments second, so it’s easier to dig in if somehow FlyLo’s bleak Los Angeles isn’t the L.A. you want to visit (though, those stained and grimy alleys are well worth a trip, too).

Here it’s all about “Hall,” an airily electronic falsetto-fied Cerulean standout that’s gorgeously recast by Hrishikesh Hirway aka The One AM Radio as something more conventionally arranged (that’s a proper drumset in there), with Wiesenfeld’s wispy vocals handled by the lovely Los Feliz Ladies Choir, who don’t need to flip into falsetto to hold down the vocal line. It stands on its own, though I’d suggest grabbing its original, along with another Baths LP cut, all here.

Baths – “Hall (The One AM Remix Feat The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)”

A proper jam from the LP:

Baths – “Maximalist”

The original “Halls”:

Baths – “Hall”

Cerulean is out 7/6 via anticon.