Harlem – “Someday Soon” Video

Another video from the Austio crew’s Matador LP Hippies, and one that helps locate the tongue in the album’s title (you can find it in Harlem’s cheeks, among other places probably). Here the garage-pop trio are cast as squatters armed with a VHS camera, lots of spray paint, and a healthy disregard for anything their parents told them was proper behavior. It’s actually a superb list of tricks: graffiti, fireworks, joints, smoke bombs, glam attire, dilapidated busses, and the motherlode, playing with a piñata in a cemetery. The lyrics are appropriately flip and callous (“Soon you’ll be on fire, and you’ll ask me for a glass of water / and I’ll say no, you can just let that shit burn / And you’ll say please please please put me out / I promise not to do it again, whatever I did to you”), but the song is super fun. Just like pretty much everything your parents told you not to do.

Hippies is out via Matador.

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