Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds” Video

I found out about Darwin Deez through Ace Norton’s non sequitur clip for Deez’s single “Radar Detector.” His latest, “Up In The Clouds” works almost like a sequel to “Radar Detector.” Deez is past the giddy new relationship excitement phase here, and is attempting to repair a relationship in the brink. The accompanying video is very literal and very clever, with Deez undergoing several weather related punishments to win back his air traffic controller girlfriend. The clip was directed by Tom Kingsley.

Even though it’s less joyful, “Up In The Clouds” is still sweet, buoyant guitar pop. But this danceable makeover, by French duo The Shoes, makes his pleas sound more urgent. The Shoes also recently recorded some tracks with members of Das Rascist.
Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds (Shoes Remix)”

Darwin Deez’ self-titled album is out now on Lucky Number. Deez is touring Europe and Australia for most of the rest of the year. Tour dates here.