The Rapture’s New Song From Their “Secret Show” @ Union Pool, Brooklyn 6/23/10

Tomorrow from 2PM-2AM, Vice is once again hosting a party that looks like it could very well collapse under the weight of its scheduled awesomeness: The Creator’s Project, with free drinks, panels discussions, art exhibits, and performances by Sleigh Bells, Interpol, Neon Indian, Mark Ronson, Die Antwoord, and, as just revealed today, a “secret guest” set from M.I.A. All this in an art studio called Milk in Chelsea. Yikes. So the Rapture, who still exist, are another of the bands scheduled to perform that night, and on Wednesday  they took to Williamsburg’s Union Pool at 10PM to perform a semi-secret show in what was of course a stupidly packed room (and why not — “House Of Jealous Lovers”‘s punk-funk still slays in every way imaginable — look into your heart, you know it to be true). I walked in to Union Pool, having trekked from Tame Impala’s psilocybic Coco66 riff-fest, not in time to beat the hordes already crowding the door with untenable requests for admission. This was a packed show. At least, until the new songs started.

From what I heard of the older songs that lined the first half of the set, the band sounds ferocious and blood-thirsty, a band with something to prove, or at least a band that’s honed to perfection their material by playing these songs for fucking years, and rediscovering how great they are. And then it was new stuff, and the fringe followers filed out, and a friend gave me his wristband so I could hear the last song of the set. It was new, of course, Luke throwing his voice way out of the top of his skull, synths shining out over a beat fit for dancing, though less aggressively than you used to. Curious for what’s in store at Saturday’s Vice party? Or for the Rapture’s new record? Or for the quality of video on an iPhone 4? Then you should watch this. It’s an answer to all of those things. Sail away, as they say (a lot of times, here):

Oh, it’s only sideways for the first 30 seconds or so.

Thanks to Brandon Dailey for sending over the video. Not bad, iPhone 4 and The Rapture!

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