“(Theme To) Stereogum”

Since it’s holiday time we’re gonna give the whole “don’t sit at your computer with a stack of CDs” way of life a spin for a few days. (At our families’ express request.) More importantly, it’s gift-giving season, and we have something for you. A re-gift, actually.

Our friend Roger — formerly of a band you might have heard of called THE CURE (also Psychedelic Furs, Thompson Twins, and Berlin), now brilliant solo artist — offered to write a Stereogum theme song. A blog with a theme song?! Hells yes, we are charting exciting new territory here folks. And it’s pathetic how giddy we got when we heard it. The track has master O’Donnell slowly fleshing out a wintry, synthy motif … and it even has lyrics!

I lifted the lid on a silver box
I know its not mine but I couldn’t stop
Theres something inside that was meant for me
The songs inside that were made for me

You’re so stereogum

Roger acknowledges he’s not competing with Shakespeare there, but we think it’s perfect. Particularly ’cause all we really want for Xmas is to be an adjective.

Roger O’Donnell – “(Theme To) Stereogum” (MP3)

So with that, we get some sleep. While we’re gone, this website with be updated by witches. And if Neon Bible leaks while we’re away … well, just feel free to share in the comments.