R.I.P. James Brown

May 3, 1933 ? December 25, 2006

The season for giving took one of rock/funk/r&b/soul’s most influential and legendary figures Xmas morning, as The Hardest Working Man In Show Business was forced into retirement after 73 years of gettin’ on the good foot, gettin’ brand new bags, and gettin’ loopy on national television. Brown’s passing leaves a hole in the hearts of a legion of fans, and by Rev. Al Sharpton’s word, is the loss not of an artist, but of “a way of life.”

New Year’s was meant to be a working night for JB, too; he was slated to ring it in with a sold-out crowd at B.B. King’s in NYC. Instead, a night that’s tailor-made for nostalgia and reflecting will be even more so for those Brown fans, and bloggers have begun the process:

  • Fluxblog remembers JB with “Cottage For Sale,” offered in testament to James’s vocal prowess.
  • Papa Dodge serves up some of the Godfather’s Xmas songs.
  • Bag Of Songs has a sack full of Brown tunes for your ears.

  • He had his issues, but whether it was on Prince, Bowie, Jagger, or “hip-hop and a wide swath of current pop,” the man left a mark as deep as his band’s pocket. Respect.

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