Casting Couch: James Brown

The Godfather Of Soul may have terrorized his last concert stage, but his dramatic life and times will live on in celluloid, courtesy of a Spike Lee-directed, Brian Grazer-produced biopic. This from Variety:

Brown was an active part of the development of the biopic project. The singer met with Baigelman, and gave the Butterworth brothers access to his camp. Brown’s longtime sideman Bobby Byrd also was interviewed for two days by the Butterworth duo. The rights package includes Brown’s life rights, and also access to all his music rights.

“Like everybody, I was surprised and saddened that James Brown died,” Grazer said Tuesday. “Having known him well, and after spending lots of time with him and researching his life, it’s somehow not surprising that he died on Christmas Day. He was the ultimate showman, all the way to the end.”

True. Anyway, seems everyone is getting in on the “who to cast” guessing game. Page Six calls Usher an early fave to play JB and reports that Fergie wants to play one of Brown’s wives. But James’s career spanned 53 years, so whomever they choose to play the man best have some range. Give us your best guess as to the actor best fit to take on the legend — and yeah Don Cheadle is awesome, but creative casting is even better! And for bonus points, riddle us this: Elvis’s home became Graceland; should JB’s become SoulLand?

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