Timberlake’s Latest Single Sensation

We wanted to post a couple of nice and gossipy items for ya to peruse while you spend the night listening to Menomena — but The Killers assassination attempt wasn’t legit! (A Brandon Flowers was wounded during the same drive-by that took Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams life early New Year’s Day, but CBS reports that Williams’s mom identified Flowers as Darrent’s visiting high school friend. Maybe B. Flow split his time as a teenager between new wave records and NFL bound football friends?)

But this one has yet to be doused: You know him as having P4K’s hottest single of ’06, now know him as the hottest single of ’07! (rimshot) Star mag says it may be curtains for JT and Cameron Diaz after three-and-a-half years and lotsa paparazzi love. Justin replied to questions about Diaz from fellow clubbers over the holiday with “We’re done. It’s over!” (via The Bosh) The last straw? Who knows. Maybe it was the ubiquity of “Dick In A Box”; hell even your mom referenced it over Xmas. (Eww, we know.) And the inevitable remix doesn’t help things. (via Digital Eargasm)

DJ Busy – “Dick In A Box (Dance Remix)” (MP3 at Zshare)

And what’s on tap for the former couple? Cameron’s reps confirm she’ll appear in a movie that features her shaking her ass to some good-time dance track, while Justin denies he’s already rejected five date requests from Britney. (It’s more like three.)