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Artist To Watch: David Vandervelde

A handful of bloggers picked up on this 22-year-old Chicagoan when he released the single “Jacket” as a welcome-to-my-world ice breaker, but there will be much more movement around the kid and his music in ’07. Chalk that up to a virtually self-recorded, kick ass album; a throw-back, Ziggy-era Bowie, T. Rex-y, ELO-loving, glamified sound; a theatrical vocal, poised beyond its years (part Bowie part Bolan says his one-sheet, presumptuous if it wasn’t spot-on); all while using the same gear that appeared on Wilco’s Yankee Foxtrot Hotel (and recorded in Jay Bennett’s studio ta boot).

Fun facts make for good press, but when we picked his debut LP The Moonstation House Band out of a pile of promos late last year, we couldn’t believe how full-on ’70s revival it was, let alone how fully realized. Here’s the premiere of the swirling, double-tracked vocal rocker that opens the album. We love it.

David Vandervelde – “Nothin’ No” (MP3)

And here’s a refresher from David’s welcome kit, another quality cut from his debut:

David Vandervelde – “Jacket” (MP3)

He’s the one in the middle.

More cool shit about the record? Vandervelde plays almost all the instrumental parts, aside from Bennett’s basslines on these two tracks. But David can’t take credit for arranging the strings. That’s courtesy of David Campbell, whose past credits include arrangements for Elton John, Leonard Cohen, and his son, Beck — and the weeping violins make “Corduroy Blues” something special. Our other fave track is “Feet Of A Liar,” which you can grab (among others) from his session with Daytrotter. And we admit, we’re as impressed as the next blog when it comes to young gun artists … but when they sound more like icons of decades past — rather than the fads of last year — we can’t help but get gushy.

The Moonstation House Band is out 1/23/07 on Secretly Canadian. Get it.