Frightened Rabbit – “Confetti” (The Lemonheads Cover)

As more bands tackle the pre-picked covers in The Onion A.V. Club’s Undercover series (once a song’s been covered, it can’t be covered again), the new ones get more interesting. They’ve had some surprise pairings (like the Clientele covering “Paper Planes”), but this Lemonheads song seems a perfect fit for Frightened Rabbits (“I have always liked the song. It kind of fits in with the way I like to write as well. It’s about a guy and a girl, and that works for me,” singer Scott Hutchison says). Hutchison does the cover solo, but, like I said when the band appeared on Late Night, his voice is all you need, and Hutchison’s voice sounds intentionally, significantly more morose than Evan Dando’s original: “I was putting a typical Scottish glumness on the whole thing. Just spreading it over like nasty butter.”

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks is out now via FatCat.