Lily’s Dog Is Back

And it returned with her cleavage! First Lily posted this distressed missive, but now she writes:

I have the best news ever . Maggie May is back at home safe and sound . She is riddled with fleas a bit sad and very thin , but thats not the point . I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have her back , how grateful I am to everyone who has sent kind words and helped to find her . I now know there is definitely some sense of community and goodwill left in this country, contrary to what some people might say . Anyway , it’s late and I have only just got her back , so I will leave you saying thank you . I will elaborate on how we got her back in the near future . But Happy New Year , and heres a pic of a reunited me and mags .

She’ll “elaborate on how we got her back in the near future”? Um, she checked the Kooks’ tour bus? Thieves! And while we’re talking Lily, Thighs Wide Shut’s interview with her is a must-read. It’s really the best musician Q&A we’ve seen on a blog! You think Pitchfork is gonna ask Lily about the animated dots on her MySpace?! Way to go Mikey!

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