M83 – “Black Hole”

While Anthony Gonzalez’s compositions always had a filmic quality to them, 2008’s Saturdays = Youth went a step further, at times sounding like a straight up soundtrack to John Hughes classic ’80s coming-of-age flicks. But M83’s graduated from merely movie-like to officially OST, contributing two original tracks (and five priors) to the score for L’Autre Monde (Black Heaven), a Cannes-premiered French flick about a woman with an avatar in a Second Life-type computer program who convinces lonely dudes in cyberspace to commit suicide IRL. I think I saw a Law & Order like this once.

When you search Google Images for L’Autre Monde you get a poster for a strikingly different looking yet identically titled film, one with an Islamic woman set against a desert and a color/scheme emblematic of the Western Saharan flag. Obviously this isn’t the tale for which M83 wrote “Black Hole,” one of his new contributions; however, it seems more more reflective of the arid modal melody and lumbering beat, sounding like a synth-lined makeover to a scene soundtracking a march across an Ishtar sand-mass. I mean, definitely more that than a game about WiFi homicide. Hear for yourself.

A little bit of it shows up in this here official trailer:

IMDB’s pretty bare-boned for now.

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