From Heroes To Zeros To Heroes

Finally got my hands on The Beta Band full-length. It’s not a complete return to The 3 EPs form as the band promised, and that’s a good thing. Instead of cute, kitchen sink experimentalism, FHTZ is cohesive and totally funky. Even if you don’t love the single, there are a handful of other great tracks. (For the record, I do love “Assessment” and it seemed to get a good reception at The Day After.) The rest of the disc is equal parts Nick Drake and Boards Of Canada. But Scottish.

My interview with the band is coming to Earlash soon. OK, I’ll link to it when it’s live. You twisted my arm.

For now I will refrain from posting an MP3 out of fear of the Astralwerks goons. So buy it when it comes out.

Beta Band’s new site is apparently not ready for public click-through. Until then, I’ll just link to this instead.

Also, I’m hooked on Kinja.