Brit Charts Embrace Digital Distribution

After years or resistance, the stodgy UK pop charts have boldly decided to consider online MP3 sales in ranking the nation’s top singles: Via Reuters:

Up to now, only songs which were physically available for purchase in shops counted toward the weekly chart.

Downloads could be included, but only a week before an actual CD single went on sale and for two weeks after it stopped appearing in stores.

However, with downloads now far outstripping over-the-counter sales, the Official UK Charts Company (OCC) has changed the rules meaning this Sunday’s number one could be any track whether it has been sold in stores or online.

There’s hope for those Take That loving charts yet! This means that anyone with an online single for sale can be #1. Even you! Next up for the Brit charts: Including sales of CDs with DIY album covers. (AKA “Beck Hansen’s law.”)