of Montreal Present Letterman With “An Eluardian Instance”

Back in October, of Montreal created one of the year’s most iconic stage scenes when Kevin Barnes sang “St. Exquisite’s Confessions” in nothing but gold lame short shorts on the back of a horse. Obviously neither the steed nor Kev’s hottie briefs made it to Letterman last night, but he still brought some of Montrealesque theater to the Ed Sullivan Theatre, fusing bits of the well photodocumented live show’s various props and setups (the little gold dancing buddhas, the weird thing with super long limbs) to Gummy-beloved Skeletal Lamping’s rapturous rave-up, “An Eluardian Instance.”

The performance kicks off with Dave suggesting Skeletal Lamping is an album worth knowing because it is on Rolling Stone’s Top 50, which is a hilarious reason for suggesting an album is worth knowing, but then again it’s good to let the national-audience neophytes know the band’s critically acclaimed before being disoriented by oM’s shenanigans. (Dave seems to be, with that “Ohhhhkay!” at the end). Also may as well as cite RS since Skeletal Lamping was shut out by Pitchfork. Of Monty is mildly laconic for such a joyous, bursting song here, but that’s all the better to seduce you with their tripped-out high school play scenery. Plus the Late Show horn section gets in on it which is always quite stylish.

“Boy you should have seen what was going on back there.” Oh, Uncle Dave.

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