How To Dress Well – “Ready for the World (Twin Sister Remix)”

Lefse just passed over this B-Side remix of How To Dress Well’s “Ready For The World,” which is a good 30 seconds shorter than the original. The Brooklyn/Köln whisperers usually sound pleasantly distant and reprocessed even when their work’s untouched. Here, Twin Sister abridge the cavernous, vocally rich first draft and stuff it to a pillow case for safe keeping. They also add a tone that makes me think of a foggy buoy, other sorts of submersion.

How To Dress Well – “Ready For The World (Twin Sister Remix)”

The original:

How To Dress Well – “Ready For The World”

The “Ready For The World” 7″ is out 7/20 via Lefse. You’ll find the two above takes on it. You can pre-order it here.