Cybil Shepherd Outs Elvis As A Homophobe

Chuck D’s got his charges of Presley prejudice, and now Cybil’s joining the party. The actress recently joined the cast of Showtime’s The L Word, and Time Out New York took the opportunity to ask about her history with The King:

TONY: Many years ago, you dated Elvis Presley. How did you meet?

Cybil Shepherd: [In a thick Southern accent] His people called me up, actually. It was before the fat Elvis, bless his heart! I definitely had a love affair with Elvis before the fat Elvis. I think it was ?73 or ?74. If you really want to know, I wrote a book called Cybill Disobedience, and you can get it on the Internet. The title of the chapter about Elvis is ?White Boys Don?t Eat.?

TONY: Oh my God. What did you do on those dates?

Cybil Shepherd: Ate chicken-fried steak, deep-fried peanut-butter-and-mayonnaise sandwiches. He had screenings every Wednesday night at this huge movie theater?private screenings with 50 of his closest friends. One of the movies we saw was Sunday Bloody Sunday. They started running the picture, and there was a scene between two gay men. Elvis said, ?Ew, gross. Turn off the movie!?

Man Brokeback would have broken him. And though Cybil has no lesbian experiences to draw upon for her character’s latent homosexuality, she did tell TONY, ?I kinda always wanted to have one, I just haven?t yet.” And she’s only 56. Ladies?