Jarvis And Damon’s Britpop Revival

We miss the good old days of Britpop for the music — but how about those feuds! None of this trumped up Kasabian shite. Perhaps in a call to our nostalgic funnybone, Damon took to the pages of Uncut to take some digs at old rival Jarvis Cocker’s infamous Jacko stage crash at the ’96 BRIT awards, his solo single “Cunts Are Still Running The World,” and more specifically, his overall world view (via NME):

I’ve always had a problem with Jarvis’ stance on that, I found it really disturbing when he pulled his pants down in front of Michael Jackson, that just seemed totally wrong. If someone is sick, he’s not open to ridicule.

The world is not full of cunts; we have a collective responsibility not to slag people off and instead try to understand them.

He’s got some very odd ideas about reality.


Now of course we aren’t expecting this to bloom into a full tilt war of the egos (we aren’t that lucky) — but it really brought us back, ya know? And it sets a precedent: there is no statute of limitations on rekindling old beefs! (That shit was a decade ago, Damon!) At the end of the day, we suspect most people are either Team Damon or Team Jarvis. Pick your champion.