Your MySplice III Covers

Earlier this week we unveiled MySplice III, Stereogum & team9’s annual original mashup compilation. We also requested an album cover and promised a prize to the best one. We got a lot! Thanks. You don’t suck at Photoshop. We encourage you to grab the winning .jpg and tag your MP3s with it. Since we got so many great submissions, we’re also gonna display a dozen alternatives in case you like one of those better. But obviously we are experts and made the right decision.

Congratuations and thanks to Mark E for designing the official MySplice III album cover. Your $50 Amazon Gift Card is on the way, Mark.

MySplice III

Honorable mention to these folks:

Adam N.

Drew Z.

Matthew N.

Mikey M.

Jason K.

Bruce C.

Craig T.

Tim M.

Rich L.


Matt L.


All squares. You guys are so good at following directions. Thanks again. You can still download MySplice III here if you have no idea what this is all about.