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Torche Songs For Singles Album Info

In 2008, hardworking Miami trio Torche’s Meanderthal topped a number of year-end lists, metal and otherwise. They were a standout at SXSW 2010, partly because the entire room was singing along (and also because of Steve Brooks’ goofy faces). Good news, for folks jonesing for more of those sugary sludge anthems: Brooks & Co. are following up Meanderthal with the playful titled Songs For Singles. These could be radio hits. They could also be songs for people in search of love. Whatever the case, per usual, they don’t waste any time: We get eight well-honed Torche anthems in just over 20 minutes. (Fans of the epic: 6-minute Closer “Out Again” will make you wet your pants.) Check out the tracklist while you inspect the album art.

01 “U.F.O.”
02 “Lay Low”
03 “Hideaway”
04 “Arrowhead”
05 “Shine On My Old Ways”
06 “Cast Into Unknown”
07 “Face The Wall”
08 “Out Again”

A jokey David Lee Roth-heavy version of the opener was included on Hydra Head’s recent free digital sampler. Hopefully more sounds (with less Diamond Dave) soon.

Songs For Singles is out 9/21 via Hydra Head.

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