New Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror”

Yeah getting shut out of five count ‘em five Arcade Fire shows was no fun for anyone. So here’s a little good news for the bummed among you: Run don’t walk over to the Arcade Fire site and click into Win’s scrapbook for another page from Neon Bible. It’s sorta dark — and so are the lyrics! A sample:

I will walk down to the ocean
After waking from the nightmare
No moon, no pale reflection
Black Mirror, Black Mirror

I know when the time is coming
All the words will lose their meaning
Please show me something that isn’t mind
But mind is the only kind that I relate to
I never guessed how the mirror could ever break you
Black Mirror, Black Mirror, Black Mirror

Black Mirror knows no reflection, knows not pride or vanity
Cares not about your dreams, cares not for your pyramid schemes
Their names are never spoken
The curse is never broken, the curse is never broken
Un, deux, trois, du miroir noir
Black Mirror
Un, deux, trois, du miroir noir
Black Mirror

Told ya. The track’s got the sweeping drama and the AF climax moment — but the simmering swirl and eerie rumble of the verses set it apart from what we’ve heard so far. Un, deux, trois, du miroir noir!

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