Crash Into House

Hugh Laurie’s set to get a new patient with whom to play House in a few weeks. Variety reports:

In the episode, set to air in March, [Dave] Matthews will play a savant who was hit by a bus when he was 10. The accident impacted his mental development, but suddenly gave him the ability to play the piano flawlessly, despite never having taken a lesson.

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) is brought in after the virtuoso begins suffering seizures and the character’s father (Kurtwood Smith) must decide whether to cure the impairment — and lose his son’s musical gift.

This is Matthews’ second brush with “House”: His track “Some Devil” appeared in a 2005 episode.

Matthews’ acting credits include the feature “Because of Winn-Dixie.” He’ll next be seen in the indie family feature “Lake City,” opposite Sissy Spacek and Troy Garity.

Dave playing a mentally disabled man who’s an amazing musician? Not a stretch if you’ve ever heard him speak.

And if you were born between ’75 and, say, ’82, you’ve probably seen those Dave spasms live and in the flesh. Question is, how many times are you willing to admit to? And what pushed you off the Dave Matthews Bandwagon? For us, it was seeing frat boys being hazed in the Hershey Park parking lot during the Crash tour. “Satellite” just never sounded quite the same.