Noreen Bauble Unveils Arcade Fire Tracklisting

A YouTuber with a name conspicuously similar to Arcade Fire’s forthcoming record uploaded a faux-infomercial, hosted by “Juno Award winning guitarist Richard Reed Parry of the Arcade Fire.” Song clips! Tracklisting! Release date! Act now! (Thanks, Joe!)


01. Black Mirror
02. Keep The Car Running
03. Neon Bible
04. Intervention
05. Black Wave Bad Vibrations
06. Ocean of Noise
07. The Well & The Lighthouse
08. Antichrist Television Blues
09. Windowsill
10. No Cars Go
11. My Body is a Cage

Noreen Bauble is out March 6th (?) in North America on Merge. Operators are standing by.

UPDATE: Have you guys tried calling the 866-NEONBIBLE hotline recently? We just did, we pressed “6” at the prompt, held the line … and found ourselves speaking with Will! Do it.

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