Rage Against The Man Man

The sea-shanty, carnival freak show that is Philly favorite Man Man paraded into NYC Friday night for their first-ever headlining gig at Bowery. And to close out the night, the white-clad crew had a surprise cover in mind. Zappa, Waits, Beefheart … too obvious. Try “Bulls On Parade,” with Honus Honus doing his best Zach de la Rocha. Stereogum reader William V. Lupo was there and writes:

The show itself was high-energy (as usual with any Man Man performance) and an overall fun time, I was surprised by the fact that they sold out Bowery Ballroom when not even 6 months prior they didn’t sell-out Maxwells. My only complaint is actually what made this video possible, after their first encore I was still waiting to possibly hear Ice Dogs and when they came out for the second encore I thought it was a sure thing. Honus Honus said something along the lines of “I’m sure I’m going to regret this in the morning.” but to end off the show on such a random cover left alot of people genuinely smiling. Best show of the year, all 5 days.

Watch his video here. Also good to note: William says the “occasional blurriness” is attributed to his digital pocket cam’s adjustments to the flashing stage lights, and the “shakiness can be attributed to multiple Yuenglings.” Drunk videography on a late Friday night at Bowery? We forgive you, William.